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A ladylike evening.

Tonight Sara and I hung out again. I feel that it is necessary at this point to clarify that Sara and I don’t live together, nor are we dating, and yet we hang out ALL THE TIME. So basically I guess that means we’re friends or something. Like SUPER -FRIENDS! Hay girl!

Anyway, tonight we decided to prepare a delectable, no-cook summer dinner: tea sandwiches!

Ingredients, ASSEMBLE!

  • granny smith apple
  • sharp cheddar cheese
  • Smoked deli turkey
  • hummus
  • garlic and herb cheese spread
  • Dijon mustard
  • Nutella
  • avocado
  • scallions
  • cucumber
  • mixed greens
  • very thin-sliced whole wheat bread


  • Go nuts!
  • Spread something on the bread- hummus, cheese, mustard- to make it a bit moist, and try lots of different combos
  • Arrange veggies/fruits/cheese/meat artfully
  • Cut into fancy shapes as desired
  • Nom with your pinky out

From the top: cucumber/apple/cheese spread, scallion/mixed greens/cheese spread, cheddar/apple/ cheese, apple/cucumber/cheese, avocado/turkey/mustard, Nutella/apple.

Others not pictured.

We may have gone a little overboard. As in, there is nearly a plate full of sandwiches left in my fridge.

And then we played on my new Wii (an early birthday present from myself to myself). As it turns out, two-player New Super Mario Bros. is highly distracting. On the other hand, team Sasa-Wendy is fucking boss on Wii Tennis.