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On goat cheese and cupcakes

This has simply been the summer of goat cheese.

I can pinpoint when I discovered how much I like goat cheese to a particular day in April. My college’s Spring Weekend, a time of great debauchery which in fact stretches from Tuesday-ish on through the end of the week, has as its main events two large concerts. My roommates and I didn’t get tickets to the MGMT concert on Friday, so instead we decided to have a classy-ass picnic made up of scavengings from our pantry, cheese, and a cheapish bottle of wine. Chevre was consumed, and I’ve never looked back.

Tree with weird vertical branches at Constance Witherby Park

In a similar vein, one of those VERY ROOMMATES and I just had a light picnic, at which was consumed a delicious organic hard cider, various fruits, and a heavenly lavender-and-honey infused goat cheese. I could eat it with a spoon. It tastes of joy.

There is a cupcake with very similar flavors at the Duck and Bunny, an extremely cute restaurant.

Sara here exemplifies the correct reaction to this cheese:

Sara would also like you to know, dear reader, that she is SOLVING A RUBIK’S CUBE.