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Film and fiber

The Providence Place Mall movie theater used to suck. The tickets were once $10 without even the hope of a student discount. Now? Not only is there a student discount ($8), but there is also Bargain Tuesday, during which all movies are $6, including those that would normally have a surcharge for IMAX or 3D glasses.

Because of this delightful idea, my friends and I have been seeing a lot of movies on Tuesdays this summer. Last week, it was Despicable Me (a charming animated film). This week, it was Inception.

Yeah, that just happened.

Holy balls, ladies and gentlemen.

We saw it in IMAX, meaning the screen was an estimated 4 elephants wide by 3 elephants tall. According to this highly reputable source, the African elephant is approximately 20 feet long, and this says up to 13 feet tall, so for an IMAX screen size of 72 feet wide by 53 feet high, we weren’t too far off.

I greatly enjoyed the film, even though we were close enough to the screen and far enough to one side that the faces were distorted in close up. Maybe if SOME PEOPLE didn’t show up LATE then this wouldn’t be an issue. Jeez.

Either way, an excellent film, in terms of visuals, plots, and characters. Plus it was full of actors I like, including Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon Levitt (amirite, Sasa?), Michael Caine, and Cillian Murphy, who on occasion wore a bag on his head reminiscent of the one worn as Scarecrow in Batman Begins. Note: Michael Caine was also in that film, which was also directed by Christopher Nolan, and after a quick glance at IMDB I like every film I’ve seen of his, and plan to watch the ones I haven’t yet seen.

In other news, I’ve finished the first sock-equivalent of my sweater. At this point, most of the back is done:


Wickenden Street…

…truly a garden of earthly delights (only the middle panel, though).

Places I went to today in order to not be in my un-air-conditioned apartment:

Home of the previously mentioned lavender-honey cupcake.

I highly recommend the Duck and Bunny. It’s so cute you could puke, plus there are delicious foods. To be honest, I like the lunch/dinner fare more than the pastry, but that could just be my tendency towards savory foods over sweet. I once sampled an onion tart that was sharing space with the cupcakes and it was heavenly. I find the cupcakes extremely flavorful, although the cake itself can be a bit dry at times.

Wink nudge.

This shop often contains a cuddly English Bulldog. Today it did not; however it did contain Ducky, former barista at Reflections, the coffee shop I frequented until it closed last year. When places I like close it makes me happy to see that the people who worked there are still gainfully employed.

I will trade you this $2.50 for that cup of coffee. Good exchange, no?

Coffee Exchange reminds me of my awesome former roommate Erika (sup Erika!) because she basically lived here for the summer we lived together. Coffee Exchange has all kinds of Fair Trade beans and is always packed, probably due to copious power outlets, air conditioning, and propensity to play Anthology 3.  I’m into it.

Coffee Exchange would also like to inform you:


P.S.: black beans, day two. Honestly, they don’t taste significantly different from yesterday. Still delicious. I shall keep you updated.