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Three things

Thing one: a mystifying t-shirt.

...being a fucking idiot?

What are they going for here? Is it just “fill-in-the-blank?” Is it supposed to hide something risqué? To me, it just says “I’m the Michael Jordan of censorship! The FCC got nothin’ on me, I’ll **** your *** up.”

Thing two: the book I am reading.

If you’re a food nerd like me, you will love this. I’m reading the chapter on milk, which has info not only on the chemical makeup of milk, the differences between milks from different species and different breeds of cow, and how it’s used and stored in different cultures. FOR EXAMPLE, I learned that buffalo mozzarella is in fact made from buffalo milk. In retrospect this should have been obvious, but I think I assumed it was a specialty of Buffalo, NY for some reason.

Thing three: the shawl I am about to start.

I recently finished two projects, a secret birthday present for my mom and a purple scarfy thing for me, so I’m excited to start something new. I’m going to be making Citron.

The yarn is a gray, laceweight, baby alpaca and very soft. For the non-yarn types out there, yarn sometimes comes in a hank or skein (pictured above) instead of a ball.

When you untwist it, you end up with a giant loop of yarn. I once attempted to knit directly from the loop instead of balling it up. This ended in a giant knot and many tears. NEVER AGAIN.

Et voilà, the solution. This contraption, called a swift, serves the purpose of holding the yarn semi-taut, and rotates about a central axis so that you can easily ball the yarn. The normal people kind is wooden and can cost upwards of $60, but after seeing a post on Ravelry, I stole my childhood Tinker Toys from my childhood home and made my own. Boo-yah, yarn-industrial complex.