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A tale of three doggies

I grew up in, and my parents live in, South Florida.

I do not miss South Florida. My living arrangements, in fact, make it clear that I have been avoiding the area since I started college- every summer since then, I’ve chosen to live here in Providence.

I usually go home to visit a few times a year, though I haven’t been home since January at this point.

I’m excited to visit in a few weeks; I miss my parents, and I kind of miss my house, but especially I miss my dogs. I can talk to my parents on the phone and the computer (Hi Mom!), but all I get out of Max and Sadie is the occasional bark.

Maxwell! He’s a border collie-corgi mix, we think.

Sadiekins, the terrier-scruffball mix.

So it was a treat today to visit with Niko, the dog that my friend Heather is pet-sitting for. He’s a really sweet boy, part German shepherd, part golden retriever.

Niko leaning on Heather, displaying sad puppy face, and showing off his squeaky hedgehog.