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I’m a fucking artist, okay?

Drawings and a new friend.

I went to figure drawing at AS220, a local art space, yesterday. I draw figures frequently enough, but it tends just to be my friends or people in a coffee shop for as long as it takes them to notice I’m drawing them. I hadn’t properly sat and drawn with a model since taking the introductory visual arts studio class my sophomore year fall.

Rapid-fire poses: I like working quickly

Longer poses are also acceptable.

I whine about them, but I was generally pleased with my work.

The bottom image is slightly skewed but then my camera ran out of battery before I could take another picture.

For slightly different views and style, check out Sara’s blog entry from the same night.

I also got a new friend at Trader Joe’s:

Name suggestions?



The walls of the living room in my apartment are totally blank.

Considering one of the walls of my room looks like this:

Freddy Mercury and David Bowie: the superhero team, middle right, by Sara the Hoff

You can imagine that the blankness in the other room makes me rather uncomfortable.┬áThus, leaning against my dresser is this big ol’ canvas, full of potential:

Awwwwww yeah.

I have no idea what I’m going to do with it, but it’s going to be AWESOME, guaranteed. Also, note that carrying any object approximately two-thirds one’s height makes one inherently ridiculous.

I hit up Jerry’s Artarama downcity- I highly recommend it to anyone who makes art, it’s super cheap and has a good selection. They even had different color inks for the Rapidograph pen I got earlier this summer- I got purple, of course. I also bought a spiral-bound drawing book with a little tie, 8×10″ or so, for like 6 bucks. I just ordered a bunch of prints from my digital photos and plan to make a memory book- somewhere between a photo album and a scrapbook.

Something new

Even though I haven’t made much progress on the Citron shawl, I decided to start something new.

I’ve never completed a wearable sweater, so I’ve decided to start one in the hopes of being able to wear it come fall. Unlike previous attempts, it’s not very fitted, so it won’t matter if it comes out larger than intended (cough previous attempts cough). The pattern is Zora from Knitty.

The back, working upwards.

One thing I like about this pattern is that it uses sock yarn (for the non-yarnies, that’s fairly thin but not as thin as lace). Since I’ve knit many pairs of socks, I can gauge the progress I’m making in terms of that. The pattern is equivalent to slightly more than 4 pairs of socks, and I will have finished with the first sock-equivalent when I finish the ball of yarn pictured above.

Today Eli and I had a brainstorming session. We are going to attempt to build a spinning wheel out of PURE AWESOME and maybe some PVC and shit. So far we’ve got some highly technical plans and the capacity to order small parts off of Amazon with free shipping. So we’re pretty much golden.

HIGHLY technical.

Here’s a cool thing I read about today via the Mental Floss blog: Fayum mummy portraits.

These portraits, besides being beautiful in their own right, are interesting for a number of reasons. The portraits, generally painted on wood, were buried with the mummy of the person they depicted. The portraits date back to the first century BCE to the third century CE, though they look like they could have been painted yesterday.

The portraits were painted during the Roman period in Egypt. Yet, unlike the stylized head-in-profile images associated with earlier Egyptian tombs, these portraits are extremely realistic and lifelike. It is thought that much of Roman portraiture was similar, but the Fayum portraits are some of the only surviving paintings from the period due to the dry conditions of the Egyptian desert.

Check out the link above to read more and see more of the portraits.