such a grown up right now

Today I went to the bank AND I dropped off dry cleaning. It’s like I’m a real grown up or something. Now I need to make travel plans and convince a rental car company not to charge me a million dollars just because I’m under 25. Also I was in the newspaper (well, college newspaper) talking about Brown’s fight song. I assure you that my estimate of the number of people who know the lyrics to said song is much more accurate than the other estimate in the article. Considering the BDH told me that less than half of the students they polled were aware that we even had a fight song, I highly doubt 40% of them know the words. Regardless, I am mad excited for tomorrow’s football game vs. Harvard.

Yo, Brown students reading this, learn the freaking words to Ever True. There’s a link to a recording at the top of the article, so GO SING ALONG NOW! As mentioned, most people sing a mix of the original and altered versions. My preferred premium blend:

We are ever true to Brown,
For we love our college dear
And wherever we may go (where are we going?)
We are READY! with a beer (waves hand to symbolize “beer”)
And the people always say
That you can’t out-drink (mime drinking) Brown men (AND WOMEN!)
With a scotch and rye
and a KI YI YI
And a B-R-O-W-N!


4 responses to “such a grown up right now

  1. You may have seen this before, but it’s what I think of whenever I think of being an adult:

    • I heart Hyperbole and a Half. The knitting forum I hang out on has adopted “_____ all the things” as a stock phrase. Also right now I’m internetting instead of making plane reservations WHEEEEE

  2. I once met an alumnus who majored in music who was completely unaware that we had a fight song. Such is the peril of going to a non-sports-obsessed/sports-interested college.

  3. Wendy, I think bank + dry cleaners puts you at that top point in the line graph on Hyperbole and a Half. Be careful. I know that point too well. I also definitely find myself saying “Brief ALL the cases?!” with a sad face all the time. Law school makes me a fake adult, not a real one.

    Your premium blend is the one I used as well, when I wasn’t trying to remember if the mellophones were supposed to be playing offbeats.

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