I do apologize for this blog’s rapid transformation from food-fiber-art into sentimental nonsense.

That said, in relation to my med school applications, holy crap. I have submitted 13 secondaries out of 15 schools applied to: one school hasn’t sent me a secondary (yet?) and another is not a rolling-admissions deal so I’m taking my time. My advising committee letter has been submitted to the application service, as have two character letters requested by some schools. 13 out of 15 applications are totally, completely done, and I can do nothing more until I am offered an interview (or not). I am left to wait and think positively and hope that not too many people will ask about my status.

Right now, it feels a bit to me like the generations are shifting- we adolescents are becoming real live “young adults,” our parents are approaching retirement age. I think two things cemented this for me: meeting the child (who is six months old and super cute) of a young woman I grew up with, and hearing from one of my best friends that she already has a job offer post-graduation. By attending medical school right after college, I suppose I’m slowing my entry into the “real world.” I can’t wait, though- I’ve got a lot of apprehension and excitement, and I have no idea where I’ll be living this time next year: NYC, Boston, Chicago, Ann Arbor, D.C., Atlanta, Philly, Tampa, Tallahassee, Gainesville, Orlando or Miami.

This, of course, reminds me of a song I loved in high school, by Motion City Soundtrack, a band to which my friend Kyra and I did a lot of jamming in the car on the way to school:

The future freaks me out.

But in a good way.


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