Oh blog, I haven’t deserted you!

I’ve been a bit lax on blogging for the past week- I didn’t have my camera at home and was thus less likely to post. Either way, NO PICTURE FOR YOU today anyway.

The summer is coming to a close, and looking back, I couldn’t have asked for a better last-summer-in-college.

Not too hot, like the summer after freshman year. That year I arrived in Providence to be assaulted by a 105 degree heat wave.

Not to rainy, like last summer where there was barely any sunshine until July.

Lots of friends- not all of my close friends, who I dearly miss and look forward to seeing in just a few days, but people I enjoyed getting closer to.

Productive: not only have I worked a great deal and finished all but one-and-half med school applications, which will be done before classes, but I also accomplished a few creative goals- I’ve painted, drawn, knitted a complete sweater, crocheted an afghan, and decorated my room.

And I’ve made so many memories over the past few months- and past few years. Here’s to a fantastic last summer in Providence, and here’s hoping my year will be just as wonderful. It’s hard to believe that this is my last year, but I intend to take full advantage of it.

I’m getting a little sad over here. Please excuse me.


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