Florida, day one.

Here I am, being in Florida. I am in “my house,” or as I refer to it when my mom’s not around, “my parent’s house.” SORRY MOM.

Having a ball of leftover yarn from my sweater, I decided to start on a pair of socks to match. I decided on a pattern I’ve used before, Nine to Five Socks, which is nice and stretchy and full of class, much like myself. I did some AWESOME technologizing and got the pattern onto my iPod Touch, because I’m much too important to own a printer and thus be able to print it out.

I cast on (read: put the initial stitches onto the needles) in the airport while waiting for my flight and immediately attracted the attention of a little girl, maybe around six or seven. She was full of questions. What are you doing? Why does it go on all those sticks? What are you making? Could you knit shoes? Mom, when will you knit me a sweater? How do you know how? What are you counting?

Her mom looked a bit embarrassed and tried to make grownup conversation but the kid was way having none of that and proceeded to tell me (after I told her mom what I was doing after college) that her daddy was a doctor and he works at the hospital and that’s where he meets his girlfriends like Miriam who is the one he is in love with. Her mother sighed. I can only hope that her parents have been divorced for a while.

I babysat all through middle and high school, and I learned one thing for sure. Kids are so honest- and you can’t get mad at them for hurting your feelings. Children I have babysat for have calmly informed me “Daddy likes beer a whole lot,” “Mommy and Daddy say the love us very much but don’t love each other anymore,” “Today I saw a really ugly lady,” and other delightful observations. It’s all quite hilarious, until it’s directed at you, which has happened more than once.

In other news, things about Florida:

  • Oh hi family!
  • My house is like those stupid puzzles where you have to find the difference between two pictures. I never liked those.
  • My dog has been shaved. That is all.
  • There are palm trees up in here.
  • Air conditioning is a thing! Who knew. I brought my sweater down with me to show off and I’m actually wearing it comfortably right now.

One response to “Florida, day one.

  1. hehe, you go to Florida in the summer to wear your sweater.

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