Okay, go!

So I’ve been a very bad music-appreciator this summer. WBRU, our college radio station, has been putting on a free concert series all summer and I only went to the big name show, OK GO. Of course, it is acceptable to go to said show because said band is FUCKING AWESOME, but I feel bad for not discovering some new music this summer.

The evening began with making wontons (again) with Sara, at my house for some reason I don’t remember. We then proceeded to kidnap my friend Kristyn on the way downtown, stopped at the mall for a little Bed, Bath, and Beyond-ing, and then hit up the concert.

As the lead singer mentioned, it was possibly the most awkward setup for a rock concert ever. The band was down on a stage at the front and the standing/seating area was a sharply sloped hill.

Like looking down into a pit.

Luckily, the awkward arrangement of humans did not prevent the music from being great, although I was mildly concerned that for the first half of the concert no one was dancing.

Don’t you worry, rocking occurred.

Eventually people got more into it after they played “Here it Goes Again,” probably their most recognizable song:

P.S. you should probably watch more OK GO videos because they are all equally or more badass.

There was a bit of misguided handbell-playing, some super cute allowing-of-little-kid-to-strum-the-guitar, and overall, you know, rawk.

Music was concurrent with attempts to find a variety of different people by text message triangulation, which only partly worked. Music was followed by hanging out at Eli’s house with his friends visiting from home. Good night all round.


One response to “Okay, go!

  1. I am so jealous, I’ve been wanting to see them live FOREVER :( :( :(
    OK GO was one of the bands that convinced me to come to Brown..! Kulash is ’98.

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