I do my best to keep to a normal sleep schedule. This works better during the academic year because I have set class hours- I am one of those crazy types who goes to almost every class.I look at my friends in amazement when they mention the casual skipping of class. That is just NOT A THING I DO. I will occasionally miss a class I might have been able to get to if I’m catching a plane or train later in the day, but that’s about it.

The only class I ever missed more than a few times was the intro Chemistry class- I felt that, having taken two years of chemistry in high school and earning a score on the AP exam that would place me out of chemistry at pretty much any other school, the class was a bit useless. I would show up at class, do half of a crossword puzzle, realize I knew the content already and go back to my dorm to sleep for another hour.

But anyway. In the summer I have a bad habit of letting my sleep schedule shift later and later. Because my job doesn’t have set hours, it doesn’t really matter what time I get in as long as the work gets done. I could work from 2 AM until 8 AM if I cared to.

The issue with this is that it doesn’t particularly matter what time I get up, so if I want to watch another episode of whatever TV show, or finish a piece of whatever garment I’m knitting, I can. Unfortunately, this often causes me to start staying up later and later, until two nights ago when the sun rose before I went to sleep.

As it turns out, working on my secondary apps is easiest in a library, and I don’t really like walking home from work or said library in the dark, so I had to kick my sleep schedule back into some semblance of human. Last night I forced myself to go to sleep three hours earlier than the previous night, and tonight I hope to move it back another hour or two again.

I know in the long run I feel better with a normal sleep schedule but right now I’m incredibly groggy and it sucks. BLEHHHHHHHHHHHHH.


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