8: days until I visit home.

11: Secondary applications received as of today

5: Secondary applications completed.

1/2: remaining sections of my sweater before seaming and edging

23: days before I turn twenty-one

10: seconds I spent deciding whether or not to title this with a Harper’s Index pun

0: number of acceptable puns found during that period

3: number of blog posts I fed into I Write Like, a site that analyzes your writing style compare to famous authors

3: different authors I Write Like claims that I write like. (Secretly pleased with Kurt Vonnegut).

31.6: percent of blog visitors that use the newest version of Firefox as their browser, a plurality.

5: percent using a non-current version of Internet Explorer. Oy. Software updates, people.


One response to “Countdown.

  1. I enjoyed this post greatly. Short and sweet and clever. Like you.

    That “I Write Like” site is super cool. It told me I write like H.P. Lovecraft, which I guess I’m okay with, and Douglas Adams, with I’m totally okay with.

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