The future

As a child, I wanted to be an architect. Or a veterinarian. Or an author and illustrator of children’s books. I did not want to be a ballerina, and I did not want to be a doctor.

For some reason, a career in medicine never held the same respect in my family as did some of the other professions. It seems that, other than  myself and an uncle who does environmental consulting, my family was “not science people.” My family is full of lawyers and educators, for the most part, and it can feel a bit strange sometimes to be in a completely different sphere.

So right now I’m working on my secondary applications. The way med school admissions work is that there is a common application that pretty much every medical school accepts. You enter your classes taken, grades, test scores, activities, personal information and a general essay.

The applications service then takes about a month reviewing the application and comparing it against your transcripts, then sends it out to all the schools you’ve chosen to apply to.

While all this is going on, you get to deal with recommendation letters, which for me first meant getting 3 recommendations, interviewing with the Health Careers Advising committee, filling out a dossier approximately equal in length to the actual application, and then getting 2 additional character references that some schools asked for.

After all this is done, every school has a secondary application. Not all schools send everyone a secondary, but out of the 15 I’ve applied to, 11 have already sent me a secondary and my application was only processed about a week ago.

So here I am, taking a break in between working on my secondaries. They ask me all kinds of random things, from my parents hobbies, to how the school’s mission statement applies to my life, to my personal connections with the location of the school. It’s kind of fun, in a way; I do enjoy writing and this is definitely writing with a purpose.


Okay, okay, sorry.


One response to “The future

  1. This post is making me anxious:whathaveibeendoingmywholelifewhydon’tihaveallmyapplicationsdoneandwhoamigoingtogetrecommendationsfromahhhhimsostressedwhatamigoingtodowithmylife

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