Indie Arts Fest

In between working on applications, I bring you the IndieArts festival, 2010!

We first walked to lovely downtown Providence:

Pictured: Providence City Hall. Less pictured: the veritable fount of sketchiness that is Kennedy Plaza.

And entered Burnside Park, where the festival was held:

This is General Burnside. If you examine his facial hair closely, you will note where the word “sideburns” originated.

In his honor, the IndieArts festival holds a facial hair competition, which I unfortunately missed this year. It was pretty boss last year, though.

As evidenced by the T-shirt, there is a Rhode Island Bear and Mustache Club. Who knew?

We checked out the vendors (I got a headband and some fancy soaps), sat and listened to music (the singer/guitarist was wearing black sweatpants with rainbow metallic polka dots), and as we were leaving, met these lovely creatures:

She was very protective of her purse.

This fellow was about twelve feet tall and on stilts. A teenager jumped up to try to look in his mouth, and the creature decided that the primitive human was trying to have a hopping contest and jumped up as well.


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