You will be delighted to find…

You will be delighted to find that at least one of the Summer at Brown programs ended today. There was much hugging and sadness as I walked around campus today, and I almost felt like the S@B kids were real humans, until I witnessed a horrifying event.

Let me preface this with a list of ways I’ve traveled to the airport from campus, in order of increasing spoiled-ness (I promise this is relevant):

  • By walking to Kennedy Plaza to catch the 66 bus, which makes a number of stops
  • By taking the trolley to Kennedy Plaza and taking the 14, which is the express
  • By taking the free school bus that Brown occasionally provides around breaks
  • By taking the shuttle service that stops at Faunce
  • By cramming into a cab with 3 other people with flights around the same time
  • By taking a cab alone

List of ways I’ve NEVER traveled to the airport from campus:

  • In a minivan cab by myself even though there are hundreds of other kids going to the airport after BITCHING OUT THE CAB DRIVER because it’s a minivan and not the LIMO I wanted.

Jesus balls. I hope to god that girl doesn’t survive to adulthood without someone addressing that entitlement issue. Apparently she called a cab service that advertised “limos and cabs” and assumed she’d be provided a limo without asking for one.

You will also be delighted to know, darling fellow Brown students, that the cluster computers are taking a LEAP into the FUTURE! Starting this year, the OS has been upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 (good plan skipping Vista), and the default browser is no longer Internet Explorer but rather Firefox. More info here– you may have to log in to view it, it’s a Google Doc.


One response to “You will be delighted to find…


    Yep, not human. My friend Deven works in the admissions office, and apparently the general level of entitlement/awfulness among summer kids and their parents is through the roof.

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