The walls of the living room in my apartment are totally blank.

Considering one of the walls of my room looks like this:

Freddy Mercury and David Bowie: the superhero team, middle right, by Sara the Hoff

You can imagine that the blankness in the other room makes me rather uncomfortable. Thus, leaning against my dresser is this big ol’ canvas, full of potential:

Awwwwww yeah.

I have no idea what I’m going to do with it, but it’s going to be AWESOME, guaranteed. Also, note that carrying any object approximately two-thirds one’s height makes one inherently ridiculous.

I hit up Jerry’s Artarama downcity- I highly recommend it to anyone who makes art, it’s super cheap and has a good selection. They even had different color inks for the Rapidograph pen I got earlier this summer- I got purple, of course. I also bought a spiral-bound drawing book with a little tie, 8×10″ or so, for like 6 bucks. I just ordered a bunch of prints from my digital photos and plan to make a memory book- somewhere between a photo album and a scrapbook.


2 responses to “Potential

  1. Macaroni Bill

    I’M ON YOUR BLOG! Hooraaay!
    Badass paintings, bee-tee-dubs! Yours?

    Here are my suggestions for your over-sized and blasphemously blank canvas:
    – A baroque-style portrait of Barry Manilow
    – An artistic map, possibly of The Kingdom of Mammaria and Surrounding Princnipaltitties
    – A psychedelic spinning wheel. With titties. Ok, maybe no titties- that would look weird.

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