Science fiction, double feature.

Today I was not annoyed to be running errands.

Video store, bank, post office, campus mailbox, computer cluster, advisor, library, all while carrying a bag full of, among other things, my rather heavy Book o’ Med School Requirements for stop 5, during which I completed the first of many secondary applications.


Because this is what today looked like:

University Hall

Van Wickle Gates and the Hay

Sunny, and warm-but-not-hot. Gorgeous blue sky. Perfection.

After my joyous time spent running errands (10:30-3), I went down to Providence Place for traditional Tuesday festivities- this time back-to-back action-packed showings of Inception (again) and Salt.

So you all know how I feel about Inception- it’s saying something that a 2.5-hour-long movie can hold my attention even though I’d seen it a week before, even on 5.5 hours of sleep.

Salt, you say, is not science fiction. Well, do you KNOW what an fMRI is? THAT’S NOT IT! Still, an entertaining movie, with a bit of a plot hole at the end, in my opinion: highlight below for spoiler.

Wouldn’t the President rat on the bad FBI dude the second he woke up?

Much badassery and sweet disguises, Macgyver-ed gadgets and Russian intrigue. So good stuff.


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