Chez Niko

Heather and Sara are team-petsitting for Niko, and tonight the three of us made some delicious pizzas. It was pretty intense.

Ingredients: cheese, tomato, mushrooms, spinach, onions, and garlic.

Dough, pesto, and tomato sauce not pictured. We made one pizza from fresh dough and two smaller ones from partially cooked crusts.

I’m caramelizing the onions while Heather prepares to roll the dough.

We made one pie with just tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes, garlic and cheese; one with pesto, spinach, tomato and cheese; and one with caramelized onions and mushrooms, garlic, and cherry tomatoes. Also with cheese. Obviously.

Sara is REALLY excited about cheese. Less so about the tomatoes, the weirdo.

Pizza is mad easy to make- just toss on whatever sauce/toppings/cheese you desire, and bake at 450 degrees until the cheese and crust look most delicious.

Two of the highly delicious ‘zas.

Niko would like you to know that he helped a lot. He watched us cut up the vegetables, stared mightily at the cheese as if willing it to fall off the counter, and courteously stood by to catch any dropped food while we ate.

Good boy, Niko!


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