A tale of three doggies

I grew up in, and my parents live in, South Florida.

I do not miss South Florida. My living arrangements, in fact, make it clear that I have been avoiding the area since I started college- every summer since then, I’ve chosen to live here in Providence.

I usually go home to visit a few times a year, though I haven’t been home since January at this point.

I’m excited to visit in a few weeks; I miss my parents, and I kind of miss my house, but especially I miss my dogs. I can talk to my parents on the phone and the computer (Hi Mom!), but all I get out of Max and Sadie is the occasional bark.

Maxwell! He’s a border collie-corgi mix, we think.

Sadiekins, the terrier-scruffball mix.

So it was a treat today to visit with Niko, the dog that my friend Heather is pet-sitting for. He’s a really sweet boy, part German shepherd, part golden retriever.

Niko leaning on Heather, displaying sad puppy face, and showing off his squeaky hedgehog.


One response to “A tale of three doggies

  1. Bravo, Bravo…………how ’bout an “ode to yog”?

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