Oh hay, it’s a blog!

Hello internet! Wendy here. With the slightest of provocation from my friend Sara, I decided that I would start blogging.


Q: Who the fuck is writing this?

A: I’m Wendy, soon to be a senior at a prestigious-as-balls college in the Northeast. I’m a pre-med, a knitter, a badass, and a dazzling wit. I read too much.

I look like this:

Q: What will this blog focus on?

A: Focus is for squares. This blog may contain knitting/crochet/spinning content, art I drew/painted/made, a cool link I found, whining, an observation that you may or may not find to be humorous, what I made for dinner, or all of the above.

Q: Is this blog appropriate for children?

A: Only if they like cursing and copious “that’s what she said” type comments.

Q: What’s that at the top of the page?

A: It’s a brain. I drew it. Yes, I know that’s not how the temporal lobe goes, I’m a neuroscience major.

More questions? Ask and you shall receive.


2 responses to “Oh hay, it’s a blog!

  1. Macaroni Bill

    Q: Why are you so awesome? Also- LABIA!

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